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Walking Victorious
United States

Established in 2014 Walking Victorious Ministry, a 501c3 Non-Profit, started in the  Douglas County Jail under the Living Victorious umbrella. Walking Victorious is a street, jail and prison ministry dedicated to serving the community in several capacities, developing and continuously strengthening our walk with Jesus and demonstrating by our actions, the love the Father has for us as his children and serving those who have even less than we do ourselves.

Our primary work consists of  intensive interaction with those who are coming out of the addiction realm of this world. Douglas County and St.Louis County, MN, alone, rank in the highest when it comes to people who are addicted to Meth, Heroin, alcohol and opiates. Unfortunately, there are  very few organizations and even church bodies that engage these people and show them love, mercy and grace. We show people how just a little faith in Him can break any addiction, hurt, habit and hangup known to mankind.

Our  core consists of men and women who were once in that world, and through the power of our Father have overcome, defeated and rose above their addiction and are now successful in their careers and are truly, Walking Victoriously.

Walking Victorious Ministry Supports Companies that are Felony Friendly by supporting them with Engineering & Architectural Services for FREE who then in return offer employment opportunity to those who otherwise would not be presented the opportunity and give GOD ALL the GLORY. Serve GOD, Serve People!